Multi-System Emulator

Mednafen (Multi-system Emulator)
version: R62
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under

Mednafen is a multi-system emulator. It can emulate various systems such as NES, GB/GBC, GBA, SMS, GG, and more.


– Supports built-in NES, GB, GBC, GBA, SMS, GG, MD (Genesis), PCE, PCE-CD, NeoGeo Pocket (and color), WonderSwan (and color) emulators.
– Supports Nestopia(NES) Gambatte(GB GBC) and VBA-M(GBA) external emulators
– Load uncompressed or zipped images
– Save and load save ram and save states (not currently supported in Gambatte and VBA-M)
– File browser, place your games on a USB drive, or FTP them to the internal drive
– Fast forward


– Better user interface
– Improved Two player
– Other features
– Possibility of netplay
– Faster and better GBA support


– PCE CD support requires bios at /dev_hdd0/game/MDFN90001/USRDIR/pcebios.bin and currently only supports bin + cue, with all tracks inside the bin (no external audio tracks yet, sorry).

– File Menu:
> Up and Down to Scroll the list by 1
> Left and Right to scroll the list by a page
> R2: Toggle Bookmark
> R3: Open emulator select menu
> Cross: Select File or directory
> Circle: Go to previous directory
> Triangle: Exit

– In Game:
> R2 for fast forward
> R3 to open settings menu
> Hold L3 + L2 to save state
> Hold L3 + R2 to load state
> Hold L3 + R3 to redefine controls

– Settings Menu:
> Up and down to choose setting
> Left and right to change the current settings value
> Circle to exit menu

Bugs and Issues:

– Loading new games does not work, it will drop you back to the XMB
– VirtualBoy support hangs PS3
– Lynx support is currently disabled
– Gameboy Advance support is spotty, some games can’t get to full speed
– Some features may be missing from WonderSwan and neo-geo pocket
– VBA-M is currently not available for Gameboy mono and color emulation
– SNES support is not enabled or tested for that matter

Change log for revision62:

– Add automatic state save and load
– Pause game when opening XMB

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