FTP Server (by CJPC)

FTP Server (by CJPC)
version: 1.0
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under

This program allows you to transfer files to and from your PS3 using your computer. This program is to be installed on your PS3. On your computer, you will need a
program like FileZilla, FlashFXp, CuteFTP, WinSCP or other FTP software to get things moving.

After installing the FTP Server .pkg file on your PS3 and an FTP program on your computer, start the FTP Server on the PS3, go to your computer and run the FTP
program, enter PS3′s ip, port 21, enter username: FTPD12345, and enter password to anything you like.

– Full Read/Write access to all of “dev_hdd0” (including save areas, games, VM etc)

– Full Read/Write access to “dev_flash2” and “dev_flash3”

– Full Read/Write access to connected usb devices

– Full Read access to “dev_flash”

– Full Read access to “dev_bdvd”

– Can not write to dev_flash

– Can not rename files

– Very buggy

– Files greater than 4GB increments show as the difference (i.e. 6GB file shows as “2gb”, or a 11gb file shows as 3gb. But it is fine, let it do its thing).

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